7 Malnutrition Facts You May Not Know

We decided to take on fighting malnutrition as a focal point of our mission because of the prenatal and postnatal care I had received as a baby in the orphanage and the care I received growing up being sick quite often. One of my deepest beliefs is that every single child deserves to grow up healthy and with the right nutrients and resources to do that.

Here is a list below of some shocking facts pertaining to malnutrition:

“Every 30 Seconds, somewhere in the world, a child dies of acute malnutrition”


“Malnutrition is not only related to food. It is a more complex interaction between the foods consumed, the state of health and the physical environment. As a result, malnutrition is linked with medical and social disorders, and is often rooted in poverty.”


“In Ethiopia, malnutrition is one of the most serious public health problem and the biggest in the world.”


“Almost 14 Percent of the Population in Developing Countries is Malnourished.”

“One in Four People in Sub-Saharan Africa are Malnourished.”

“One Third of Child Deaths Prior to the Age of Five are Caused by Malnutrition.”

“Underweight Children are 20 Times More Likely to Die Before the Age of Five.”


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